Magic of sails

Sailjet is a totally new sailing boat concept. By rethinking the shape of the hull, displacement and power we have created a light cruiser construction that dramatically expands the limits of boating. Sailjet is a full-blooded sailyacht, but also a fast motor-boat. 20 knots gets you where you want and when you want. Sail at your own tempo – no more early wake-ups and late moorings – and reach the waters you have not accessed before.

Because of it’s light weight and well-designed shape, Sailjet sails with great balance and sensitivity. Even a gentle breeze is enought to get it going and handling will be easy also when the going gets tougher – thanks to small-sized rollable sails. A huge rollable gennaker provides sportiness and speed, when needed. The boat’s centreboard and skiff-type rudder keep the draft under 1 meter to get you to places where no normal this size sailboat can go. The mast is less than 13 meters high providing access to more areas behind lower bridges and power lines. And should you need an even lower clearance, the masts are really easy to lower on the deck giving you an overall height of under 4 meters. Salijet’s powerful engine makes it easy to steer the boat in strong currents, channels, canals and rivers. Sailjet is truly unique!


  • Surprisingly fun!

    The light, broad hull and water supporting lee side make Sailjet a truly fun sailboat. Sailjet’s typical sailing speed is 6-9 knots, it is directionally stable, reacts fast to even slight gusts and is reasonably rigid in stronger winds. Sailjet’s two lightweight, carbon fiber masts are rigged with rollable genoas and rollable gennaker. Mast heights are less than 13 meters to let you sail under bridges and power lines. The masts are also easily fallable giving you an overall height of under 4 meters.

    Sailjet can also be rigged as a sloop if you want to be able to play with the sails and not make any compromises with the cruising angle of the boat. Rigged as a sloop Sailjet will be equipped with a spar and the carbon fiber mast height will be 15,5 meters. Even this mast is easy to lower on the deck, if needed.

  • Paina kaasua!

    Muunnos moottoriveneeksi on yksinkertaista: käynnistä moottori, rullaa purjeet sisään, nosta köli ja peräsin, aja! Vauhdikas matkanopeus on 15-18 solmua, huippunopeus 20 solmua. Operoidessasi satama-alueilla jätetään köli ja peräsin purjehdusasentoon, jolloin veneen kontrollointi on tarkkaa.

    Tehokas 300 hevosvoiman moottori vapauttaa sinut ja miehistösi viettämään aikanne missä haluatte tai tekemään mitä haluatte - vaikka vesihiihtämään! Päiväpurjehduksilla pääsette lähivesiä kauemmas tai voitte viettää rauhallisen aamun - valinta on teidän.

  • Purjehtien
  • Moottoriveneillen
  • What’s your dream boat?
    What’s your dream boat?
    Our dream is to build boats and yachts that fulfil the real needs of their owners. As we manufacture our boats one by one, we are able to use personalized and stylish materials and even change the places of bulkheads. For example we can build a sauna and a spacy toilet with shower in the bow – or a luxurious bedroom. Solutions can be as many as our customers dreams. The limits of the design are set by open sea-going capability, because it guarantees safety also at closer waters. Listening to our customers is a non-negotiable to us, from the smallest detail to the overall design.
  • For a group of friends?
    For a group of friends?
    Kaksi makuuhyttiä takana, saunaosasto keulassa. Salongin edessä apukeittiö tai työpiste.
  • For your family?
    For your family?
    Keulassa iso makuuhytti, punkat perinteisesti tai parivuoteena, WC salongin edessä, takana kaksi makuuhyttiä.
  • For a couple?
    For a couple?
    Keulassa saunaosasto, salongin edessä kolmas makuuhytti, jonka punkka työntyy sohvan alle.